Maxing Out Your Mass

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I knew a guy who would only attempt something that he thought he could master. He would excel at the few things he did, but would absolutely refuse to attempt any other task or sport if he didn't think he could be the best at it. There was this basic need to compete at the ultimate level that drove him—and also kept him from trying anything he thought he couldn't dominate. Muscle building was one such endeavor for him, and he decided to become as huge as he could. Toward that end he decided to investigate how big he could get, and thus asked all the experts if there was a limit to how much mass he could pack on. Finally he got the answer, and when he realized he didn't like it, he quit doing weights altogether. So in today's article we are going to look at the same question, and ask: is there a limit to maxing out your mass, or can you get as huge as you want if you do everything right?

Now, people always want exact answers that are tailored to their own situation, their own personal code of genetics, but the tough news is that there is no way to provide that kind of answer. Instead, the best we can do is deduce rough guidelines from observing the best natural body builders and what they have managed to do by pushing their bodies to the extremes that they are capable of. The truth is that if you want to learn your own genetic max, then what you need to do is to hit the gym for about four years and see what you are capable of.

The best way to determine how much muscle mass you have is to measure your lean body weight. Many people will just step on a scale in an attempt at figuring out their muscle mass, but people that will tell you your total weight, including your fat. What you need to do is determine your lean body mass, which includes bone, muscle, everything else but is still a better indicator of how much muscle you have. That taken into account, you can quickly determine your potential by figuring out by height. If you are 5'6" then you can expect to hit about 170lbs in lean body mass. Add 8lbs for ever two inches above that, and you can figure out where you should lie.

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Maxing Out Your Mass

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This article was published on 2011/09/08